When I think of Siamese cats I think of the two cats, Si and Am (by the way, I just now got that), on “Lady and the Tramp” and that annoying song they sing. “We are Siamese if you please.” It’s so creepy. I think Siamese cats may be my least favorite kind of cat.

Siamese cats are intelligent felines (maybe because they originate from Asia?). They can be trained to play fetch or do tricks.

They are commonly known for their slender bodies and ocean-blue eyes.

Siamese cats have a lot of health problems. Problems include hair loss, eye defects, gum disease, and hyper-sensitive skin.

These cats are sociable to their owners but they are not very friendly toward strangers.



bobcatBobcats are named after their bobbed tails. They live in forests, swamps, deserts, and suburban areas in North America. Bobcats are hard to find because they are nocturnal creatures and they sleep in rock crevices during the day.

Bobcats can catch their prey from three meters away. This enables them to attack larger prey such as deer. However, bobcats are hunted by cougars and wolves. Cubs can be prey to coyotes and owls.

Bobcats are hunted in America, but are not near extinction. There are around one million in the United States. Farmers will hunt bobcats if they are a threat to their livestock. My grandfather, being a farmer, has a bobcat mounted in his living room.


Tiger-wallpapers-latestThere are many different types of tigers.

The Siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world. It’s species is currently endangered. Most of them live in Asia.

Bengal tigers are found in India. It is India’s national animal and they have been trying to protect the population since 1973. White Bengal tigers are recognized as show tigers. Siegfried and Roy used white Bengal tigers to perform their shows in Las Vegas.

Indochinese tigers believed to be low in numbers. They live in forests in China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma.

Other tigers such as the Malayan, South China, and Sumatran tigers are also tiger subspecies that are becoming extinct.



APTOPIX Germany Zoo Panther

Black baby panther

When I think of panthers, I think about the movie, “The Jungle Book.” The panther, Bagheera, acts as a protector to the orphan boy, Mowgli. He also looks down on everything from trees.

Panthers love to hide in trees because they feel safe. However, panthers do not like to interact with people because they are cautious cats. They are very aggressive cats that roam at night to catch their prey.

Panthers are at the top of the food chain in the Americas as they are the only big cats that live in the wild. In Asia and Africa, panthers are hunted by lions and hyenas.

Humans also hunt panthers and because of that, panthers are at the verge of extinction.

One thing many people don’t know about panthers is that they are classified as black leopards or jaguars.


Lion5 - CopyThe king of the jungle is one of the most fascinating animals on the planet. Here are some facts about lions.

  1. They live in packs, called prides.
  2. They rest for a total of 21 hours a day.
  3. Lionesses tend to have more energy because they are smaller.
  4. The manes protect their necks from the claws of other lions.
  5. The life span of lions that live in the wild is, on average, 15 years less than lions that live in a zoo.

Neat fact: The word “simba” is the Swahili word for lion that means king. (So, this is why they used the name Simba in the movie, The Lion King.)


A Parisian cat and her three kittens are kidnapped by their butler from their extravagant dwelling and are left to fend for themselves. A tomcat takes them on a tour of the outside world where they’ve never been. They meet different creatures such as two gossiping geese and soulful tomcats in an alleyway (hence, the term,  alley cat).

The 1970s cat classic, Aristocats, stars Phil Harris, Eva Gabor, and Sterling Holloway. This movie takes psi-traveling to a whole different level. Thomas O’Malley takes the lost cat family across the outskirts of Paris back to their mansion in the city.

Growing up, we watched this movie several times at daycare. It’s always been a favorite of mine.

Audio Assignment

I got bored listening to the first audio clip. I didn’t like how the guy explained what was going on. “This is their commercial.” Well, obviously. This is, that is, blah blah. Because I got bored, I didn’t really get the whole meaning of that story. The music was distracting and too loud. I could barely hear the narrator. The narrator was conversational. I will give him that.

The second story was more interesting. I feel like the woman speaking had more emotion in her voice. Probably because the story was about her. It made me feel sympathy for her and it gave me the epiphany that everyone has their own obsessions. It made me laugh because she made the story humorous instead of a self-pity party. Side note: every time she played the footage of the whispering girl, my mind went straight to Pitch Perfect, which made it funnier.

Audio clip number three was not as intriguing, but definitely more interesting than the first story. The story begins by making the listener think that the 60-year-old man is the antagonist. The story progresses into a revelation that “yellow fever” isn’t something to joke about. You can tell that the narrator got emotionally involved and in the end, the story took a 180.